The Importance of Controlled Packaged Food through Cold Chain Distribution
It is very important to our health and well-being the cold chain distribution of fresh food and pharmaceutical products done by manufacturers of temperature controlled packaging.
Consumers do not realize the efforts that are taken as these products are transported so that they would remain undamaged and unspoiled. These insulated shipping boxes, insulated shipping containers and even packaging that are temperature controlled are being ensured by these manufacturers to pass the required limits of cold chain validation and qualification.  These companies working in this kind of distribution, from pharmaceutical, medical samples, frozen food, and biotechnology clinical trials, fully understood how important their job in the cold chain distribution.
The program in a cold chain distribution supply at this website will ensure that the storage of temperature sensitive items are done within a certain cold temperature range, to ensure the quality of the products and avoid damaging effects on the health of the people. Temperature examples in the chilled and frozen foods industry would have to be 0 to 4 degrees Celsius for chilled products and -18 to -23 degrees Celsius for frozen products.
In order to avoid temperature loss over time while in transit, the packaging and transport of products are designed so as to minimize the variations of temperature. Among the factors that are considered as the temperature controlled packaging and validation are designed are the extreme temperature, humidity changes, different kinds of transportation methods used and possible delays during transit.
These frozen products like foods are here to stay, and there are several reasons why this method cannot be ignored, and these are what we will cite below.  Be sure to view here!
When foods are frozen, these do not need preservatives, and this is the top reason in using frozen foods. With the freezing process set, the foods are kept fresh as when they are picked or produced without having to make them “shelf-stable” as the term goes. Having fresh fish on your menu, even if your restaurant is far from the coast, can still be done because your fresh fish will be flashed-frozen without additives. Learn more at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/food/.
The next advantage in using foods even if frozen is that they have the same nutritional value as their fresh produced or picked ones. As frozen foods are thawed, their protein, fat and carbohydrates are retained because of the process, thus avoiding the loss of vitamins and minerals. 
The next advantage in foods that are frozen is that food waste is minimized because even with a slight imperfection, these are still used.
Frozen foods are easy to prepare the whole year round, and this is its next advantage.